The BEST way to dry hair


It’s that day of the week.  Time to wash the fro.

You’ve used your FroSister neem and olive oil shampoo bar and doused on your avocado curl crème, but now what? Naturally, there are many ways to dry curly hair.  Have a look on the internet and you’ll find tons of tutorials, how-tos and videos, but what’s the best way?

Susan Peterkin Bishop, creator of the Natural Hair Industry Convention, recommends air drying, “the absolute best way to dry natural hair is to let it air dry.  So after you’ve combed it out with a cocktail of moisturiser, maybe a little oil and water, do some big twists and let it dry”.

TIP 1: “Don’t ever rub your hair with a towel.  Wrap and squeeze. Even if the hair is very long, you can wrap it and then gently squeeze it.  Don’t wring your hair out. Be gentle with it.”

TIP 2: "When it comes to drying implements, use whatever works for you. Terry cloth towels can be bad for your hair and lead to snarls and pulling.  Many naturals use microfibre towels - I used to buy hers from auto stores.  Many naturals dry their hair with teeshirts.  It's your preference.  Wrap it just long enough to be able to absorb the water.  Wrap it gently, not tight."

TIP 3: "If you use the LOC method, don't dry your hair completely.  You need that moisture in the hair to work the creme and the oil so the hair can be styled properly for your twists/braided styles."

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