5 Curly Haired Problems (and how to solve them)

1. Humidity

The most important thing to prevent frizz is to not let your curls dry out, and the best way to put this into practice is to not wash your hair daily. The reason for this is that every time you wash your hair, you remove moisture and strip the hair follicles of their naturally protective oils. 

Hair stylist Anthony Nader recommends investing in a rich cream conditioner that’s packed with goodness. We recommend our hair butters. 

2. Brushing your hair is difficult

Invest in a dual length bristled brush which will help to minimise hair breakage.  Also, make sure your hair is generously moisturised.  Hair oils  add lubrication to the hair follicles making it easier and less painful to de knot hair. 


3. Frizz, frizz and more frizz

For this one, moisture is absolute key. Frizzy hair is dry hair and the best way to combat dryness is to apply a deep conditioning hair mask onto your hair daily, along with hair oils and hot oil treatments. Our FroSister range is particularly great...

Washing your hair with lukewarm to cold water is also a good way to keep strays away.

4. Looks great wet but dries terribly

It's always best to air dry coarse textured hair. Hair dryers can damage hair follicles, making your hair prone to dryness and breakage. Use a tshirt or a microfibre towel to dry your hair as normal towels may be too harsh on your locks. 

On our last post, we looked at the best ways to dry your hair, so we recommend you check that out for more details. 

5. Shrinkage

There are a number of different ways to combat shrinkage, in the form of hairstyles: Batu Knots, Sets and Twists and Braids are all styles one can use to enjoy locks to the longest.