Use Maxi Moisture for Celebrity Shine

Summer sun drying out your hair? Want to put a bounce back into your curls? 

Introducing 5 reasons to use our Maxi Moisture range –

1. Our maxi moisture products are packed with essential oils for LUSTER and SHINE

2. Packed with essential oils and handpicked by company founder Hanani, our products are made to promote hair growth and to reduce shrinkage. 

3. Tired of frizz? Our paraben free ingredients banish all signs of frizz without adding any gunky chemicals to weigh it down in the process . Remember, all our ingredients are 100% natural.

4. Made with natural moisturisers instead of synthetic silicones, the hydration does not rinse away after washing - our products are here to stay.

5. Our blend of vitamins and Biotin stop the hair follicles from breaking - fewer snags, snaps and tugs. 

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