Copy of Summer Hair Routine

Here at Fro, we know how difficult your hair can be when confronted with the ever changing weather of Europe.  From heat waves to thunderstorms, hair can be left feeling worn out and tired. We want to say goodbye to bad hair days with this foolproof Summer hair routine.

1. Use our Neem Seed and Olive Oil shampoo bar to clean your scalp of any dirt.  The bar is designed for those with dry scalps and dandruff.  Keeping hair fresh yet hydrated is crucial to keeping those locks in shape.

2. For optimum results, it's crucial that you follow the shampooing process with a deep moisture creme.  Our avocado curl makes for longer and thicker hair.  Packed full of vitamins a,b,c,d, folic acid and more, this nifty conditioner is a chemical free, intensive cure to all your natural hair woes. Click here for instructions on how to use it. 

3. Use a few drops of our brand new maxi moisture castor oil and massage into the scalp.  This will give your hair the moisture it needs to prevent breakage, shrinkage and dryness of scalp. 

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