How to have volumous hair


Detangle, detangle, detangle

Okay- well we all know that curly hair is good at holding its curl, but sometimes you need a little something to add life into those tresses.  Detangling your hair on a regular basis restores hair to its most volumous roots.  An easy way to do this is by separating hair into small sections and combing from the bottom upwards.

Lift the roots

Use an afro comb to gently lift your roots without coming to the tip of your hair.  If you don't want the added strain to your hair, massage the top of your head with your hands to make your hair look bouncy and full. 


Don't use too much product

When your hair is feeling dry and lifeless, it's super tempting to dose your head with all the products on the counter. This can weigh the hair down, making it feel flat.  To avoid this, we suggest using products in moderation and sticking to natural ingredients that unlike chemical shampoos, do not overload your hair follicles with weight. 


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