Why is my hair unprofessional?

A quick search on Google will show you that 'unprofessional' hair consists almost entirely of black women with afro hair.  The poses two problems; firstly, natural hair is considered unprofessional by Western standards; secondly, that this encourages young girls to go to often harmful lengths to alter their hair with relaxers or other artificial means. 

Google images search "unprofessional hair"

Google images search "unprofessional hair"

In a society that claims to overtly promote racial equality, it seems that implicit biases manifests themselves in micro aggressions. 

A search for "professional hair" reveals something, on the whole, more Western; a Westernised standard of beauty which consists of straight-wavy hair, blonde or light hair and sleek textures.  What impression does this give to young girls who feel they have to reach these standards?

This is why we promote the natural hair movement.

We want to encourage young girls that beauty is about what is natural to you. Your hair is beautiful and deserves to be treated well with natural, wholesome ingredients.  That's why we created FroSister.