#FroFriday - the legacy of Marsha Hunt's 4c hair

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

It's undeniable that Marsha Hunt was a pinnacle of 1960s style and fashion.  

Shortly after her debut in film and musical hit Hair, she posed nude in British high fashion magazine Queen, as the first black model to do so. The muse of Rolling Stones and Mark Bolan, her iconic style and fro have gone onto inspiring generations of young black women. 

To celebrate one of the 60s greatest icons, we thought we'd give you the lowdown on how to keep a healthy 4c fro - like Marsha's. 

1. Deep moisturise, using Avocado Curl Deep Moisture Creme

4c hair is naturally very dry, so using harsh chemicals found in mainstream shampoos and conditioners will strip it bare of any moisture.  Our avocado curl is made entirely of natural products and essential oils; shea butter and avocado oil give the hair follicles the moisture it deserves. 

2. Cleanse your scamp using Neem Seed and Olive Oil shampoo

4c hair is prone to a lot of shrinkage, especially when put in contact with water. It's therefore important to cleanse your scalp thoroughly, getting rid of any dirt and dry skin. Our shampoo bar has been designed to moisturise the scalp.  Neem oil is famous for promoting hair follicle growth - give it a try!

3. Maintain using Argan Oil

4c hair is easy susceptible to knots and breakage.  It's therefore crucial to treat your hair using hair oil, so that the hair strands can unravel easily without breaking. 




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