Protecting your natural hair in a protective style

Its a good idea to have a protective style at  some point in the year if you are natural .  When I created FroSister , I carefully thought about maintaining the healthy hair journey in a protective style as well as for the everyday use . I have decided to go with Faux Locs and did a deep condition the night before with our coconut oil intense followed by our Avocado curl on the day . The benefits ........

1. Retains growth  

Growing longer hair is one of the most-cited reasons for choosing protective styling. By having a protective style , you can prevent breakage .

I used our coconut oil intense for deep conditioning and our avocado curl before doing my hair
— FroSister by Hanani

2. Low maintenance

The less you do to curly hair, the better it flourishes. It is also important not to have a protective style for too long as it could dry the hair out , so a maximum of 6 weeks is advised.


3. Gives you a chance to change your look

Although the style is different, dont forget to  ALWAYS sleep with a satin scarf.

4. Quick and Easy

If you don’t have much time then protective styles are the best options . Not much styling is needed and you can definitely get up and go . This can help to save time.