A History of Fro

My mother was the original FroSister. 

Every morning, she would sit me between her legs, tugging and pulling at my hair with a wide-toothed comb. "You need to look smart for school," she'd say over a steady hum of ouches and ow's.  We didn't use any products in our hair back then, so daily combing was the only way to tame my already curly-mad fro.  

Sick and tired of the pain of daily maintenance, I finally gave into the pressure of hair relaxers at age 11, which led to an on-and-off relationship with scalp burns, hair loss and dry hair. Finally, enough was enough and I said goodbye to relaxers and decided to embrace the Fro. 

FroSister was born. 

Using my knowledge of food chemistry, I began to create hair products made to treat curly hair with care.  Made entirely from natural products, our products our paraben-free, chemical-free and vegan.  Made with love.  Love your Fro.

Embrace your roots. 

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