Product special: Avocado Curl

Here at Fro HQ, we absolutely love the benefits of avocado.  So much so, in fact, that there have been whispers of a new avocado-based product to be announced soon...

Anyway, as part of avocado week, we thought we'd tell you why we love our Avocado Curl hair butter.  Avocado curl is lovingly hand made by our founder Hanani, in her kitchen in Bristol.  Made entirely with natural oils and ingredients, Avocado Curl promotes thicker and longer hair as its main ingredient, avocado, is high in vitamins A,B,D and E protein amino acids, iron and folic acid.  Aka. all that good stuff necessary for hair growth. Add in a dollop of shea butter to eliminate any frizz, and bam! Here you have it!

Avocado Curl is recommended for curly to very curly hair.  If you don't know your hair type, have a look on our carefully constructed hair guide!



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