Instagram @Leazzway

Instagram @Leazzway

1. Can you introduce yourself?

Hi! I am Whitney Madueke. A natural hair and beauty Youtuber at LeazzWay and fashion blogger at Desourire.

2. Can you talk us through your hair routine?

When I'm not in protective styles like box braids or wigs, I love my hair out in a mini Afro. It's either in a shrunken state or stretched out and shaped to a tapered Afro.

I'm loving the tapered look! I simple co-wash every two days and wet my hair in between. After, I apply my hair products - raw Shea butter and an oil, to dripping wet hair ( it helps maintain frizz and helps moisturise). Then, I either braid or twist it into little sections and let it air dry.

Finally, after a day or two of air drying, I unravel my sections and full out into my perfect Afro.

3. Can you tell us about your natural hair journey? 

At a point in time, I couldn't relate to relaxed hair anymore. I was so tired of how it looked and felt. At that same point, my addiction to tumblr begun, I was always on there and the natural hair trend started creeping up on my dashboard.

I was so inspired by the versatility, it was the change I needed! So I transitioned for 8 months- didn't last to my goal of a year due to breakage from the 2 hair textures battling it out. 

On a sunny day, March 13th 2013, I asked my twin sister to help me with my big chop.  I was left with just an inch of hair and since then, I've been on this wonderful journey.

Instagram @Leazzway

Instagram @Leazzway

4. What are your tips for healthy hair?

- Deep condition regularly - best way to moisturise 

- Protective styles work amazingly well to retain length and for growth, if you keep your hair moistures through that period.

- Research! Don't just follow the crowd. Research and find what's best for you. Try it and if it works stick to it!

5. What difficulties have you had since going natural?

It's a challenged, just learning about your own hair because for a good portion of my life, I've always had relaxed hair. Now, the challenge is how to keep it moisturised and for a longer period; and how to manage my shrinkage in the simplest way possible.  It's a lot of trial and errors but I'm glad I'm natural and my hair is healthy and growing, even with the difficulties.

6. Complete the sentence, "I love my hair because..."

It continues to be an essential part to my unique self!


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