Why Natural Hair?

Nina Simone, Hulton Archive

Nina Simone, Hulton Archive

In 2011, a study by market researcher Mintell found that 65% of African American woman do not wear their hair naturally. But what do we mean when we say natural hair? Why is it such a big deal?

Natural hair is the term used to describe the natural condition of curly hair, usually in black woman. Hair tends to be coarser, curlier and denser than Western hair, giving it an afro appearance. Unfortunately, since the early 20th century, black women have shunned their natural hair, opting for weaves, wigs or hair relaxers to alter their appearance to a sleeker, straighter look.  The reason for this stems from a number of influences, tracing back to the slave trade and reaffirmed in history there upon.

Frosister aims to encourage young, black women to be proud of their roots. It’s a plea for girls to love and be kind to their hair.

Mainstream media celebrates women with 'soft' hair, 'loose' curls and 'light' colour.  Even black celebrities - Beyonce, Niki Minaj, Alicia Keys - who are arguably the rolemodels for this generation's young girls, sport looks that shy away from natural hair.  As a result, girls use dangerous chemicals found in hair relaxers to straighten their hair, at the risk of hair loss and severe scalp burns. 

Raphael Albert 'Black Beauty Pagents'

Raphael Albert 'Black Beauty Pagents'

Frosister aims to make young, black women proud of their roots. Having experienced the irreversible, damaging affects of scalp burns, it's a plea for girls to be kind and to love their hair. Natural hair is beautiful, and with Frosister products, we aim to show that there is an alternative to the chemicals on the market.  Our products are made lovingly in Hanani's kitchen, with purely natural ingredients. Would you put petroleum in your hair if it wasn't in a shampoo bottle? Neither would we. Love your hair. Embrace your Fro. 

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