#FroLoves Avocado

Is it a fruit? Is it a nut? Is it a seed? This week at FroHQ, we're loving all things dedicated to avocado.  Whether it be making a face mask to calm our skin from redness, or on our hair for that necessary splash of moisture - we've got it sorted. 

What to expect? A week dedicated to avocados would not be ripe without a challenge! This Tuesday, we will be launching our avocado challenge - get your hands on some avocado oil, make your own avocado mask, or try out our avocado range , and show us your before/afters through Twitter or Facebook! (*intern frantically starts using avocado on her hair*).

We'll also be posting our usual tips and tricks on how to get happy, healthy hair, as well as launching our first blogger collaboration.  Exciting stuff.

Lots of Love,

FroSister Team xoxo