1.    Can you introduce yourself?

Hi there my name is Lee-Anne and I am beauty and lifestyle blogger and a Lupus survivor

2.    Can you talk us through your hair routine?

I tend to use a lot of protective styles such as braids and cornrows on my hair for convenience. As I suffer from lupus my energy levels and mobility varies so I try to keep my beauty routine as simple as possible.

On a daily basis I generally oil my scalp with Jamaican black castor oil using an applicator bottle and if necessary lightly brush any fly away Simples!

3.    Why did you convert to natural hair?

I think I had been rocking a relaxer since year 5 in primary school so I properly considered going natural until I started taking a new medication and noticed that it was affecting the texture of my hair and that my hair had begun to break badly.

While attending Afro hair and Beauty I spoke to one of the hair specialist who advised that until my medication is sorted out I shouldn’t relax my hair.

However since I have gotten acquainted with my hair in its natural state I couldn’t see myself going back to a relaxer.

4.    What are your tips for healthy hair?

Wrap your hair with a satin head scarf or bonnet EVERYNIGHT

- Keep your scalp clean moisturized

- Keep heat styling to a minimum

- Adopt a healthy diet which includes lots of fruit, veg and drink LOTS of water

5.    What difficulties have you had since going natural?

Due to my condition I don’t always have the time or the energy to give my hair the love it deserves.

6.    "I love my hair because..."

 I love my hair because it is a reflection of me and complex and wonderful.


Lee-Anne runs the blog Wots Her Name Again

Find her on Twitter here.


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