#FroLoves Coconut Oil

From Angelina Jolie, who starts each day with a teaspoon of it, to quirky Hulu! comedian Mindy Kahling, who owes the bounce and shine of her curls to it, coconut oil is quickly becoming the number one ‘in’ super food of the beauty world.  Aside from its obvious health benefits – studies have shown that coconut oil reduces the risks of heart disease, eases symptoms of depression and has antioxidant qualities, it has a ton of beauty benefits, too.

This week, we thought we’d dedicate ourselves to the wonderful virtues of coconut oil. Where to begin? No fear, here at Fro Headquarters, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about the hairy fruit, starting with the A B C’s. Oh, did I mention, we've added Beyonce gifs? 

Anti frizz

As the British weather shifts from cold to not-so-cold, protect your locks against nature with a healthy dose of coconut oil.  Use it as a mask or conditioner for overall care or run it through your ends to tame the mane. 

Beautifully soft

Coconut oil is recognised as one of the best ways to keep your hair feeling soft and smooth.  Treat your curls to a healthy dollop to maintain the fro. Trust us, you won't regret it. 

Clean and dandruff free!


You drink enough water, keep your skin moisturised, but still can't get rid of the flakes on your head.  Get rid of the pesky things with coconut oil.  Its natural moisturising qualities are good for both your hair and your scalp.


Knotty hair is annoying.  So annoying in fact that you want to cut it all off and renounce it all together.  Don't do that. Buy some coconut oil, instead. 

Enhance your shine

Sick of your dull tresses? Brittle and damaged hair can often look lifeless, and it sucks. Don't settle for suckish hair. Get your hands on our Fro coconut oils to add some shine to your locks. 

Fairwell to split end


Growing your hair can be a pain, and split ends don't help.  Coconut oil creates a barrier between your ends and the elements.