Clever ways of using our coconut oil for gorgeous hair and skin

I have been using coconut oil on my hair and face for some years now and completely love it. This is one of the best oils nature has to give.

1.       Coconut oil as a detangler

If you have natural hair long, short or curly hair, dealing with tangles may be a daily battle for you. Coconut oil can help. As it is 100% natural, organic coconut oil, it won’t leave residue. After detangling, there is no need to shampoo or wash out. Please leave a comment if you would like to know how to use it as a detangler.

2.       Coconut oil for deep conditioning

This is one of the most effective and cost effective deep conditioners I have ever used. As it is made up of mainly small to medium chain fatty acids, the oils have the ability to penetrate hair more deeply and faster than other conditioners. So we can use coconut oil as a leave-in treatment to repair split ends, moisturise the scalp as well as adding that healthy glow and shine to you hair . Please leave a comment below to find out how to use it in order to get effective results.

3.       Coconut oil to defeat dandruff

Dry, itchy, flaky scalp? Well, this oil will definitely help. Long term users of chemical shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hair colorants will most likely leave your scalp feeling dry and itchy. This is where coconut oil can come in, to heal your scalp. Please leave a comment below to find out how to effectively achieve this.

Hanani MadamombeComment