Benefits of using Shea Butter



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Here are some of the Shea Butter Benefits .

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Shea butter is a miracle ingredient.  After using it for a while now, I definitely agree.

Rich in vitamins E and A, among others, it has unique properties that make it stand out in the nut oil family. Shea butter has many other awesome attributes as well, which include :

1. Indulge dry skin

Shea butter oils are the same ones that are produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands, making it one of the best matches for dry skin.

2. Make your hair happy

Shea butter is used in many a haircare product and with good reason. It is said to have a number of benefits, including sealing in moisture, defining curl, conditioning the scalp, alleviating dandruff and decreasing the dreaded frizz. Also, applied to just the roots when styling can add a bit of volume to fine hair.

3. Fight wrinkles

The American Shea Butter Institute claims that the application of high-quality shea butter will diminish the appearance of wrinkles after four to six weeks of use. Others suggests that the application of shea butter to the skin results in a brighter complexion and visibly reduced wrinkles.

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