About Us

F R O  Sister  our values  

F amily - at FroSister, we care for your family by making sure that our products are filled only with the kindest and most natural ingredients and oils.

R oots – our brands gets to the root of the problem, tackling frizziness while giving your hair a healthy glow.

O penness – as a company, we want to change the way people see natural hair.  Natural hair is a movement and we are open to a change in our societies vision of beauty. We want to support you in being your version of beautiful.

“Embrace your roots” is the core of FroSister.  What we mean is that we want you to embrace your natural hair and look after it with pH balanced, non toxic, herbal-based natural haircare.  Our eco friendly haircare products range are catered towards a number of types of curly hair, ranging from 2a-4c. We know they work because the formulas are science-based.  FroSister wants you to love your natural hair, while making sure that it’s manageable and easily maintained.  

FroSister was created by Hanani, whose knowledge in food chemistry means that her formulas are scientifically conscious and accurate.

For more information email info@frosister.com